Summer Mix 2013 by DJ CO-OP

  Now playing in carshare stereos: Summer Mix 2013 by our very own superstar member DJ CO-OP but you can stream it here, now! Open the bus window, put your sunglasses on and go for a stroll, get on your bike and let the wind in your hair. Art by the fantastic Lucas Pauls (also a member) … Read more →

Peg City Car Co-op Doubles Fleet

Peg City Car Co-op Doubles Fleet, Serves More Neighbourhoods Thanks to Local Investors WINNIPEG (May 21, 2013)—Peg City Car Co-op is doubling its fleet of fuel-efficient carshare vehicles located around central Winnipeg neighbourhoods. The city’s first and  only carshare is expanding its service to include West Broadway, Corydon Village, The University of Winnipeg, and further … Read more →

Invest in Less, Video

Every car in our fleet takes 9 to 13 cars off the road. We want to expand to 11, taking the place of 100 – 150 cars on Winnipeg roads. You can help by purchasing investment shares $100 at a time. You’ll get a 30% tax credit, and a repayment of your investment with dividends. … Read more →

Are You Ready to Invest in Less?

Peg City Car Co-op started as but a small idea four years ago. A group of volunteers sat down together and made a list of what transportation could look like in Winnipeg. Their vision revolved around the idea of less congestion, fewer cars, less parking pressure, and less pollution. But that concept of less was … Read more →