Deadline to Purchase Shares: March 31

First things first, thanks to everyone who has already taken advantage of the opportunity to invest in us and benefit from the 30% tax credit! So far we’ve raised nearly $40,000! The investments you made will go toward expanding our fleet starting in early April! If you haven’t invested yet, the deadline is March 31st. How … Read more →

A New Year, A New Opportunity to Invest!

A new year and a new opportunity to help us grow! We are once again offering investment shares for purchase to our members and supportors. Last year we successfully raised  $66,800 in investment shares. We have been busy the past year putting these investments to work. We were able to double the fleet (we now … Read more →

Introducing: Car #9!

Something very exciting happened on Friday evening, we added a ninth car to the fleet! This brand new Honda Fit is located at 511 River, near the corner with Nassau Street. This car is important for a number of reasons. First, we just completed our member survey —  there was an overwhelming request for another … Read more →

A Carshare Kind of a Day

Saturday, and it looked like the summer weather was making a return, a couple of us decided to take out a car for the day. We thought we’d document it to show how much you can get done with a carshare car in one day: First up, Birds Hill Park. The forecast was for heat … Read more →