How it Works

Sometimes, Drive.

Joining a carshare means having access to a fleet of vehicles 24 hours a day and only having to pay for what you use.  Save thousands of dollars a year off the cost of owning and operating a vehicle. All the convenience without the cost. Grocery trip? Cross country skiing? Dinner with the family? Got a date? Important meeting? We’ll have a vehicle ready for you. Reserve for an hour or more. Pick up and drop off one of 18 vehicles in and around Central Winnipeg.

Bookings are made online and managed using specialized in car hardware. At the end of a booking, vehicles are returned to the same parking spot (like a library book that you borrow and then return). Carsharing software logs the duration and distance you drove to calculate your monthly billing.


Our members are currently driving 18 efficient cars located in and around Winnipeg’s Downtown. The fleet will grow and expand along with our membership.

Please visit our google maps page for more information!

How do I know if it’s the right fit for me?
• You primarily get around by walking, biking or transit but would sometimes like the convenience of access to a car for trips around the city.
• You want the convenience of access to a second car without the added cost.
• You don’t own or are thinking of selling your car.
• You are paying a lot for parking or your building doesn’t provide parking.
• Your employees occasionally need a car for work-related travel.

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