Good Read: The Ride-Hailing Effect: More Cars, More Trips, More Miles

More thoughts on Uber and ridehailing, from

“… [A]rguably the most important finding in the study is that, absent a ride-hailing option, between 49 and 61 percent of trips either wouldn’t have been made at all, or would have been accomplished via transit, bike, or foot.  Add that to the “dead heading” miles that passenger-less Uber and Lyfts are racking up, and the researchers conclude that ride-hailing is boosting VMT* in cities: “Directionally, this new evidence of mode substitution suggests that ride-hailing is likely adding vehicle miles traveled to transportation systems in major cities.”

*vehicle miles traveled | Click here to read the full article.

Good Read: Driverless cars and Mobility as a Service can improve our world – so long as they’re properly regulated

Some interesting thoughts on a complicated issue: how do autonomous vehicles fit into our future? From “Autonomous vehicles, arranged on a shared basis, could allow more people to stop owning cars. In a positive scenario walking, cycling and public transport would remain the main public transport modes with autonomous vehicles used on rare occasions … Read more →