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Bike, Walk, Bus, and Sometimes, Drive.

A carshare allows the use of a car when you need one and eliminates the cost and hassle that come with ownership. Carsharing is a practical alternative that helps you meet your transportation needs by supporting you to travel primarily by transit, cycling, and walking, and only making use of a vehicle when you need it.

Why Carshare?

Aside from the simple benefit of paying for a vehicle when you need one instead of when you don’t, there are a host of ways carsharing benefits the environment and your community. Click on the links below to find out how.

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    Save Money

    What is the cost of owning a vehicle compared to carsharing?

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    Live Greener

    What are the environmental benefits of carsharing?

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    Share Alike

    What are the benefits of a co-op?

What is Carsharing?

Peg City Car Co-op is a member of the CarSharing Association and adhere to its code of ethics. We see carsharing as a social and environmental practice. Peg City Car Co-op is designed for local users in support of community transit and environmental goals which include but are not limited to:

  • decreasing personal car ownership
  • reducing vehicle distance travelled
  • improving urban land use and development
  • providing affordable access to vehicles for all constituencies
  • motivating residents to walk
  • cycle and use transit
  • decreasing dependence on fossil fuels