AGM 2011

Our first Annual General Meeting took place March 15th, 2012 at the River Osborne Community Centre (101 Pembina Hwy) at 7:00pm and went off without a hitch! We were well-over quorum for attendance and all resolutions were passed unanimously.

Members, please download the “AGM Action Kit” where you’ll find the amended agenda and the accompanying minutes among our operations and financial reports. The minutes, of course, are an account of what transpired over the course of the evening including approval of our by-laws and amending our articles of incorporation to approve the sale of investment shares. Our existing board has been re-elected along with two new additions; Melissa Dupuis and Robyn Webb who had previously been non-voting Advisors to the Board.

Amanda’s baking, that you know from such films as her member profile video, was devoured in minutes.

Should you have any questions about the AGM or any other item of interest in the by-laws or articles please do not hesitate to contact

Thank-you members for attending and taking interest in the operations of our carshare, thank-you board members for your tireless volunteer work!