Carsharing for Art City

As an employee of Art City, you can use Peg City Car Co-op vehicles for your work-related trips – think of us as your company car, only you get our whole fleet. Carsharing is like traditional rental, but your reservations can be as little as an hour – without the signatures, or paperwork each time. Book online for an hour, or full-day as needed. Show up to the car, and return it when it’s due.

Not yet a driver on the Art City carshare membership? Sign-up online right now!

How it Works
Signup takes about one business day, and a $25 registration fee.
Each trip is $4.65 per hour, and $0.32/km

Art City receives one single invoice, broken down by each driver and their specific use.

If in the event a Art City-driver causes an accident, an at-fault damage fee of $750 is charged to that driver. Art City drivers are also covered by the carshare’s insurance, and are covered by a $5,000,000 Third Party Liability policy – the maximum allowed to be purchased in Manitoba. Carshare vehicles cannot be used for transporting goods or passengers for a fee. Before signing up, please check with Art City for a full list of insurance coverages and exclusions for driving rental vehicles – there may be risks that you as a driver are not covered by.

If the tank is 1/4 or less at any point during your trip, it’s your turn to fill up! Please use our Red River Co-op Fuel Card at any Red River Co-op outlet. The card is found in the glove box. Please fill out a “vehicle log” entry with your fuel receipt details and odometer. Any out-of-pocket expenses such as non-Red River fuel purchases, or cleaning will be credited to your account within 6~8 weeks.

For a full list of details please have a look at our Member Manual.