Business/Organizational Membership

A Peg City Car Co-op membership provides you and your employees with low cost access to vehicles when you need one, without the responsibility and expense of providing your own fleet vehicles or finding and paying for parking.

It frees you up to walk, bus or bike to work, knowing that you can book a carshare vehicle for that important meeting or site visit. Budgeting for these trips is easy with usage fees that already cover the costs of fuel, insurance, maintenance, permanent parking, and cleaning.

Costs to Join

To join, there is an initial one-time, refundable share purchase of $500. Every co-op member purchases these shares to help build the co-op and get a vote in how it’s run.

Membership includes access for one driver and you can add an unlimited number of qualified employees as drivers associated with your account. Purchase a unique key fob for each driver on your account or share a single key fob with bookings controlled by a designated administrator at your business or organization. 

Additional drivers: $100 per driver plus application fee with a shared key fob or $250 per driver plus application fee with a unique key fob.

Application fee: A $35 fee (per driver) is used to process your application and obtain a driving history from Manitoba Public Insurance. Pay for your membership by cash or cheque and get a $10 discount on your application fee!

Usage fees: Once you are a member, pay only for what you use.

To Apply

Apply Now through our online form or Download our Business/Organization Membership Application. You can also call (204) 793-3912 and speak to Aaron or Beth any time!