Carsharing for Developers

Peg City Car Co-op on-site

Reduced parking requirements, increased attractiveness of location for prospective residents, points toward LEED certification — these are just some of the benefits achieved by bringing Peg City Car Co-op to your building.

How carsharing works

Individuals, families and businesses join Peg City Car Co-op for convenient and affordable access to a network of vehicles 24 hours a day and only having to pay for what they use. This can save thousands of dollars per year over the cost and hassle of owning and operating a car. All the convenience without the cost.

Peg City vehicles have designated parking spots in various neighbourhoods. Members book the location they want online and pick it up from that spot. Their unique key fob gets them into the car. At the end of the booking, they return the car to the same parking spot. (Like a library book that you borrow and then return.) The carshare system logs the duration and distance driven to calculate the monthly billing.

How it works for developers

The co-operative and the developer usually engage in a carsharing service agreement that includes the purchase and outfitting of one or more cars to be shared, with associated parking spots, and may provide for a limited number of memberships for residents. Peg City Car Co-op maintains, insures and absorbs the liabilities associated with the cars, provides parking signage, member services, and administers the carsharing service.

Residential buyers/tenants then have lower transportation costs and more income available to meet their housing needs. Not to mention the convenience of carshare vehicles located on-site along with access to Peg City’s entire network of cars.

Why purchase a carshare agreement

In most cases, the cost of the carshare agreement will represent substantial savings over other options to meet the parking requirements for your building. Depending on the number of parking spots involved, it could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Peg City Car Co-op will work with you to promote the presence of carsharing on-site.

How to bring Peg City Car Co-op to your site

Let us know a few details about your proposed development — location, number of units, parking reduction needs, and timeframe. We can then confirm whether carsharing is appropriate for your building and set up a meeting to discuss the agreement in more detail. Contact Aaron Russin or Beth McKechnie at 204-793-3912 or info(at)