Good Read: The Future of Mobility in Cities: Multimodal and Integrated

A few colourful and concise thoughts on getting around to jump start this short work week. Enjoy! From “Sustainable, inclusive, prosperous, and resilient cities depend on transportation that facilitates the safe, efficient and pollution-free flow of people and goods, while also providing affordable, healthy, and integrated mobility for all. Innovative shared and autonomous transportation … Read more →

Good Read: “Most of the time I ride a bike, I wear a helmet. But not always. Here’s why.”

From Shifter: “This illogical helmet fundamentalism creates a false perception that cycling is inherently dangerous, which discourages people from riding. That discouragement is harmful. It means my city is not enjoying all of the benefits of a more robust bike culture, including the increased safety and health benefits that come when more people ride. Part of the … Read more →

Good Read: Bicycle Superhighways in Copenhagen Capital Region

From Denmark, you continue to impress! This is an interesting article about bicycle superhighways, connecting towns and municipalities, with the goal to make inter-municipality bike trips easier for the citizens of the region. They take it a step further, and project what this might look like in other cities, like Toronto for example (pictured below). … Read more →