Full Day Rate Pilot


Due to overwhelming feedback, we’re excited to bring you Full Day Rates on a Pilot basis for the rest of June and July, effective immediately!

IMPORTANT: You must make all 24-hour bookings by phone during the pilot! (204.793.3912) As a general rule, only one vehicle at a time can be booked for full days.

  • $50 per day if bookings begin Monday to Thursday
  • $60 per day if bookings begin Friday to Sunday
  • Price includes 100km and all the usual fuel, insurance, maintenance, etc.
  •  $0.25*/km after 100km (*plus regular fuel surcharge if applicable)
  • + booking fee (exempt after 4 trips)
  • + taxes

All trips have a maximum of $50/weekday $60/weekend per day provided you drive less than 100km, even on non-daily bookings. Any trips that exceed 100km will be charged $0.25* per km (*plus fuel surcharge). Multiple days can be booked at one time depending on availability, and each day booked includes 100km.

We’ve made this decision for pricing on the basis of covering daily costs while factoring the loss of use by other members for an entire day. We could potentially justify adding a fourth vehicle depending on the popularity, feedback and financial costs incurred throughout the pilot. Keeping in mind that you can still rent from Winnipeg U-Drive with a discounted rate of 15% (just call and give them your member number!), these prices are meant to side on the expectation that it’s more convenient to hop in a co-op car than it is to fill out paperwork, figure out your insurance and spend money on fuel. Your feedback during this time is extremely important, so don’t hesitate to notify us with any issues – espescially if you’re having trouble booking your regular trips!!

Thanks for your patience with us, we hope this is clear! Please email or call if you have any questions of comments. Also, I notice the Yaris isn’t booked at all this weekend….

Aaron Russin
Customer Service Co-ordinator, Peg City Car Co-op
204.793.3912 aaron@www.pegcitycarcoop.ca
203 – 478 River Avenue. Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 0C8