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Peg City Car Co-op and Daniel McIntyre St. Matthews Community Association have formed a partnership to explore the possibilities of bringing carsharing to Winnipeg’s West End. We are presently undertaking a study to explore the feasibility of carsharing in a neighbourhood with lower density and lower incomes. Part of this study includes a survey directed at people living, working and playing in the area who are interested in taking advantage of carsharing in their neighbourhood to measure their interest, usage patterns and barriers to the service.

Winnipeg's West End, 1911

The Co-op currently operates in Osborne Village and South Osborne. Members in and around these neighbourhoods pay by the hour for 24-hour access to the fleet of vehicles located in designated parking locations. You make bookings online and pick up the car from a designated location. When you’re finished, you return it back to the same location so it’s ready for the next member. Carsharing means access to vehicles, without the hassle and extra costs of ownership. Our service requires a $500 refundable share deposit and we charge $3 per booking, $3 per hour and $0.40 per km. An average trip of 3-4 hours is around $25. We do not have monthly fees and all of our revenue is based on the usage of the vehicles

Depending on a host of factors such as demand in the area and commitment of residents, there is potential for the West End to have one or more vehicles located in the neighbourhood. This study is intended specifically for residents of Winnipeg’s West End and inner-city but is open to residents of the city at large. Please be sure to enter in your Postal Code, so we have a rough idea of where you live.

If you live in Daniel McIntyre, St Matthews, Spence or West Broadway and you’re interested in being part of a focus group, please indicate it in the survey!