How it Works

Sometimes, Drive.

Joining a carshare means having access to a fleet of vehicles 24 hours a day and only having to pay for what you use.  Save thousands of dollars a year off the cost of owning and operating a vehicle. All the convenience without the cost. Grocery trip? Cross country skiing? Dinner with the family? Got a date? Important meeting? We’ll have a vehicle ready for you. Reserve for an hour or more. Pick up and drop off one of 20+ vehicles in and around Central Winnipeg.

Bookings are made online and managed using specialized in car hardware. At the end of a booking, vehicles are returned to the same parking spot (like a library book that you borrow and then return). Carsharing software logs the duration and distance you drove to calculate your monthly billing.


Choose from two categories of membership, Co-op (for $500 refundable share equity), or Casual (for $4 per month). Pay an hourly and mileage rate that includes fuel, maintenance and insurance with every trip. Never worry about making oil changes, or winter tire storage again – we’ll do it for you. For detailed information of each category and price plan, check out our Rates page.

Join – Are you ready to sign up online?

We can usually have you ready to carshare in about one or two business days.


Our members are currently driving 20+ vehicles located in and around Winnipeg’s Downtown. The fleet will grow and expand along with our membership.

Please visit our google maps page for more information!

How do I know if it’s the right fit for me?
• You primarily get around by walking, biking or transit but would sometimes like the convenience of access to a car for trips around the city.
• You want the convenience of access to a second car without the added cost.
• You don’t own or are thinking of selling your car.
• You are paying a lot for parking or your building doesn’t provide parking.
• Your employees occasionally need a car for work-related travel.

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