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$85,000 invested

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Our goal is to raise between $25,000 and 85,000 by December 13 2015.

Unlike typical crowdfunders, your assistance is a literal investment, and come tax time, you will be eligible to claim a tax credit of 45% of the amount you invest!

Peg City Car Co-op has been approved as an eligible enterprise under the Province of Manitoba’s Community Enterprise Development (CED) Tax Credit Program: This is an opportunity to do good for your community while getting something in return— both from an immediate tax credit and potentially, through returns.

Help us reach $50,000 in investment

For as low as $100 or as much as $8,500

Immediate 45% Tax Credit

In addition to helping your community by investing in a local business that promotes active living, urban density, and environmental sustainability, your investment gets you an immediate 45% tax credit.

That effectively means you're investing more with less, and still getting the same potential returns.

Investment Share...










...Effective Cost*










*after tax rebate

What we'll do by reaching our investment goals

Goal One
The Bare Necessities

More cars in the fleet

Even better service in all 5 neighbourhoods

Goal Two
Now we're talkin'

More cars in the fleet

Even better service in all 5 neighbourhoods

Diversify our fleet with other kinds of vehicles! (Vans, etc)

Ambitious? Maybe.

But that's how we roll.

In just 5 short years, we've gone from a few people and an idea to a member-owned business of over 550 people sharing 18 cars throughout central Winnipeg.

Frequently Asked

What’s an investment share?

An investment share with Peg City Car Co-op is an investment in the future of a locally owned co-operative business. Essentially, it is a temporary monetary contribution to help us raise the necessary funds to expand our services. This ability to expand means the ability to serve more members, and in turn, increase revenues.

How much does it cost?

An individual share is $100. The minimum purchase is 1 share and the maximum purchase is 10% of the total value of shares sold.

What is this 45% tax credit all about?

Residents of Manitoba and eligible corporations that invest in approved community-based enterprises (like Peg City Car Co-op) can claim that investment on their personal income taxes and the Province will provide a credit of 45% of their total investment. (Similar to the credit you can receive for making a charitable donation.) The tax credit can be applied to the tax year of your choosing up to 3 years previous or 10 years forward.

Does it pay dividends?

Investments will earn dividends of up to 3% (as per the maximum allowable in our Articles of Incorporation). The actual percentage will be determined by our board of directors based on the financial standing of the co-op at the time your shares are repaid. Plus, your investment is already eligible for the 45% tax credit as described above.

When and how do I get my money back?

Your investments must remain with the co-op for a minimum of 3 years. This year’s planned repayment schedule calls for the shares to be returned at 25% per year starting in March 2019. (For example, if you purchase $1000 of shares today, you will receive $250 back in March 2019, $250 in 2020, $250 in 2021 and $250 in 2022 along with any interest that is paid). This schedule is subject to change based on the financial position of the co-operative.

I invested earlier. When will I be getting my first return?

First, thank you once again for your confidence in our business and for investing your money with us! If you invested in 2012, the first repayment amount of 25% of your investment will be returned to you in March 2016. The remainder of your investment will continue to be returned to you in 25% installments each year, with the last one coming in 2019.

What were you able to do with previous investments?

Our initial goal in 2012 was to raise enough money to increase our fleet to 13 cars serving 267 members by the end of 2015. With the help of investors and other partnerships, we have exceeded that goal. As of September 2015 we have 18 vehicles and 550 members! We have also improved and expanded our service to new neighbourhoods, including West Broadway, Corydon Village, St. Boniface and the Exchange District. The demand for carsharing continues to grow and we are working hard to meet it.

Ready to invest?

Please read (and understand) the Offering Statement:

This document contains all the information you need to know about your investment. Please read before investing your money! Also, please note that our existing membership drive is an extension of the Statement as linked below:

2014-15 Offering Statement

Prefer the dead tree version? No problem. Please contact our office and we'll arrange to get you one.

Two simple options to make your investment.

You can fill out and submit the form and payment online (we'll send you a copy for your records), or you can download and fill out the Investment Share Subscription Form (Appendix B, pp.14-15, Offering Statement) and submit by post or in person


Option 1: Print and Mail


Option 2: Online submission

Province of Manitoba 45% Tax Credit

If you are a Manitoba resident, we will automatically forward your information to the Province who will provide you with the tax receipt for the 45% tax credit.

More information about the credit is available from the Province of Manitoba Website.