Member Perks

The Perks of Membership!

We see participation in the local economy as a win-win situation. Shopping locally helps to strengthen our local economy and ensures the success and longevity of Winnipeg’s independents, all while saving you money!

Shop Local, Earn Credit.  >Check out Our Partners

Present your Peg City Car Co-op promocard at any participating business to receive a stamp with every purchase. Once your promocard is full, redeem it monthly to receive a $10 Driving Credit with Peg City Car Co-op!

Want to get started? Visit any participating shop for a promocard and start earning credit!

Shop Local, Save Money. >Check out Our Partners

Present your Peg City Car Co-op fob at any participating business and receive a 15-25% discount on every purchase.

Carsharing at home and away! >Check out Our Partners

As a member of Peg City Car Co-op, you are able to ‘roam’ in other cities with our partner carshares — many of whom are members of the CarSharing Association and the Federation of Canadian Carsharing Co-operatives. See all of our pals and more information about roaming on our roaming page!

Check out the Social Purchasing Portal for more information about the benefits of shopping locally and a list of local businesses and services in your neighbourhood.