You can join Peg City Car Co-op by either purchasing a full membership share, or by paying a monthly recurring fee for casual use. Members who drive more often can consider a Member+ plan for even lower rates.

3 Ways to Sometimes Drive

Member +
Perfect for members who drive more than 5x per month.

Full Co-Op Voting Rights

Member Perks

Lowest hourly rates

$2.75/hr + $0.34/km* ($0.17 (half price) per kilometre over 50 kilometres on any booking)

Maximum Hourly Charge/Day

Add additional drivers to your account

Our only non-member option.

No membership required

Premium rates


50km free (per day), and $0.34/km for each subsequent kilometre

*Additional fees may be applied in such cases as a late cancellation of a reservation, not immobilizing the vehicle, returning the vehicle late, leaving the interior of the car dirty, smoking in the vehicle, parking/traffic tickets, etc. Details of these fees are outlined in our member manual.

A fuel surcharge addresses unpredictable gas prices while keeping rates stable and fair and may be added to the per kilometre driving rate. The surcharge is calculated based on average gas prices in Winnipeg that month and is applied once the price of gas is above $1.20/litre. At that point, the surcharge increases by one cent for every 10 cent increase in the price of a litre of gas. For example, if the average price of gas in Winnipeg is $1.40/litre, the fuel surcharge would be $0.02 so the total cost would be $0.36/km.

Membership (for Member and Member+ Rates)

Member and Member+ rates are available to you when you purchase a $500, fully refundable membership share**.

Members have full voting rights in the co-op, enjoy lower usage rates, and have access to our member perks. We recommend basic membership if you plan on driving less than 5x per month, and Member+ if you think you'll be driving more often.

  • requires a one-time, refundable $500 share purchase to become an owner of the service.
  • add Drivers to a membership for a one-time $25 application fee (per driver).
  • access perks like free hours between midnight and 7:00am.

Learn all about the many perks of membership here.


Member+ rates are an optional add-on available to you once you join as a member. It's perfect if you'll be using the car more than 5x per month. You can opt in or out of Member+ at any time with 1 month's notice.

Keep it Casual

The Casual plan is for you if you only need a car on occasion, or maybe you're interested in trying carsharing without the membership fee. You'll pay a monthly fee of $4. You won't have access to any member privileges or perks and you'll pay a premium hourly rate.

  • membership share purchase is not required
  • pay a one-time application fee of $25** and a re-occurring monthly fee of $4
  • pay a premium hourly rate of $9, which includes 50 kilometers of driving per day

**Application fee

A $25 fee (per person) is used to process your application and obtain your driving history from Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). Rates are set on a per hour and per kilometre basis. Peg City Car Co-op covers all the costs of insurance, fuel, maintenance and permanent parking.

Damage Pool (optional)

Members and drivers can now protect themselves against having to pay the full insurance deductible in the case of any partial or at-fault damage/accidents caused to vehicles. Buy-in to the damage pool is $40 annually. It will also cover the cost of any co-op related carshare fines (does not cover traffic/parking tickets).