In partnership with local payroll company IBEX, we are ecstatic about adding this 2012 Chevy Volt as the fourth vehicle in our fleet. You’ll find the IBEX Volt at 421 Mulvey Ave E, south of confusion corner through the Osborne underpass.


Find our IBEX Volt Electric Vehicle Guide here, a copy will also be available in-vehicle for your trip.

Important notes for member use:

  • This vehicle will operate on pure electric mode up to 70 km, so you should rarely need to refuel. Do not fill the fuel tank unless traveling longer distances. Extra weight will limit the car’s electric range. Please make sure there is at least 100km of fuel for the next member (see note below regarding range); if you need to refuel, please add only around $10 in gas.
  • Note that the IBEX Volt, for this trial period, will not be available for 24-hour bookings.

This would not have been possible without IBEX Payroll, who have shared this vehicle with our membership. Thanks IBEX!